Final Blessings:
housecall feline euthanasia service

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Making that final decision for a beloved pet is never easy.  This heavy burden of responsibility is often made more difficult by the stress of bringing them to the veterinarian one last time. Dr. Aronson has founded Final Blessings to help ease the pain of this decision, and make it possible for you to say goodbye to your special friend at home.

You may choose the location of the euthanasia, be it a sunny spot in the living room, on a favorite pillow, or outdoors.  Surrounded by loved ones and a private, comfortable environment, dignity is preserved at what is often an emotional experience.

What clients are saying...

"As painful and sorrowful as it was here, it was so right that she died in her dad's lap in front of the sliding doors in the sun with those around her who loved her so much."

"Thank you most of all for your extremely sensitive and thoughtful manner; it helped us face our worst fear."

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