Final Blessings:
housecall feline euthanasia service

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What to Expect

Dr. Aronson may be contacted by phone or email.  Please see the contact page for more information. During the initial phone consultation she will discuss any concerns you may have, explain the process, and provide you with an estimate of the charges.  At the time of the visit, paperwork will be taken care of first, and you will be given a packet of reading materials to help you work through the grieving process.  

Regarding the euthanasia itself, Dr. Aronson uses a two-step process specifically designed to minimize the stress of this procedure for her patients.  Step one is an injection of an anesthetic, causing the cat to fall deeply asleep.  Step two is an injection of a different anesthetic, which can take up to several minutes for its final results.  During this time, if you wish, you may cuddle your feline friend.  This peaceful process does not involve taking your cat away from you, and you can choose the favorite spot where it will occur, indoors or out.

Dr. Aronson can transport and arrange for cremation.  You are also welcome to bury your pet (depending on your Township's regulations) or to bring your pet to the crematorium directly.

A memorial donation will be made to the Morris Animal Foundation for your beloved friend.

Fees as of January 2016

Payment is required at time of visit;                   cash or checks accepted.

Housecall euthanasia: Fee range between $250-350.

You may keep the remains for burial or Final Blessings can transport them and arrange for disposition at Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park, 1-888-651-7555

Individual Cremation with return of ashes.  This includes a beautiful wooden memorial box, brass name plaque, Rainbow Bridge Cremation certificate, and UPS shipping to your home address:


Cremation of remains with no return of ashes:


Formal Burial can be arranged at Abbey Glen’s Lafayette, New Jersey, site: 1-800-972-3118

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